Overview – What The Sieve™ does and doesn’t do

We've designed The Sieve to easily, reputably, and accurately rank any number of resumes against a set of job specifications.  You pick the criteria, you set the weighting, The Sieve™ then scores and ranks any number of resumes for you to review.  You can pick your slate, you can modify the criteria, add or delete resumes as needed as you hone the results to give you a useful outcome.

The Sieve™ will save you time, provide an accurate ranking, and help you improve the quality of hire.

The Sieve™ is not intended to match people with criteria, nor is it a workflow engine to replace an applicant tracking system (ATS).  At the present time, The Sieve™ does not integrate with other tools in your HR tech stack, that will come with future releases.

High-Level Process:

  • General Workflow – Using the Application:  When you first enter The Sieve™, you land on the My Jobs page.  From here you can create a job, work with a job you've already created, navigate to adding resumes, or navigate to My Sieves to conduct a resume ranking for a job already created.  The flow is up to you and what you need to accomplish during this visit to The Sieve.
  • Job Creation:  Before you can Sieve, you must create a job on the My Jobs screen.
  • Resume Selection:  To Sieve a job, you must select resumes, either by group on the My Resume page or by time block on the My Sieve page.
  • Sieving:  Once you have created a job and selected resumes, you can Sieve via the My Sieve page using the Sieve Now button.
  • Working with the Results:  You can review your results in a list format from first to last or via an individual drill down.  The drill-down is accessed by clicking on a row in the Sieved list