Sieve Scoring

Resumes are evaluated based on all the criteria that were selected when the Job was created.

For required criteria, the score is calculated using a sliding scale tied to the time required.  This also applies to Total Work Experience.  If the candidate has the required criteria AND the minimum required time, any extra time in that criteria adds to the score.  If the candidate has the required and does not meet the time requirement, the score for that criterion is reduced.

Weighting can be adjusted by the user for the required criteria, changing the possible score.

For example, if there are two required criteria, one weighted 75%, the other 25%, the 75% weighting will assign a correspondingly larger score than the smaller weighting.

Preferred criteria are also part of the scoring, either adding points or not.

All these factors are taken into consideration to determine what category the resume falls into (Meets or Does Not Meet).  

A resume must meet all required criteria to be in the Green (Meets) range.  While preferred criteria will impact the total score, they do not impact Meets or Does Not Meet.

Note, it is possible for a resume to fall below Meets and yet have a higher score than others above it on the list. This can occur based on the weightings of Required criteria as well as the number and status of Preferred