Creating a Job

Useful Tips 

Specify the skills and experience for this Job. You must enter at least 1 skill (Please refer to Screenshot (5) below.

Required criteria are the primary factor in determining the Sieve score. 

Preferred criteria act like extra credit.

Begin typing in the first four letters of the desired skill and the list will populate.  If you find what you are looking for, select that one.

Because the first skill is "Required", you must input the minimum experience in years and months.

If you want to add another skill, click Add Another Skill. The process for finding the skill is the same as above. In this case, you will have the choice of making the skill required or preferred.  

If you select Prefered, you will not need to enter the minimum experience. Also, the skill will be evaluated differently during Sieving.

There is a listing of the sections of the Job to the left.  As a section is completed, the number of the section is shown filled in.  You can navigate to different sections by either scrolling or clicking on the number next to the section.

Once you click on "New Job", refer ( Screenshot (1) you will be taken to a job creation form ( Refer screenshot (2)

Once you click on " New Job", you will be taken to a job Creation form. Below are the fields and how they should be completed when creating a job.

ScreenShot (1)

Screenshot (2)

Mandatory Fileds ( JOB is a bundle of criteria used to evaluate and rank your resumes.)

  • Enter "Job Title", the name for your job so you can keep track of your work ( Hiring Manager, who the job is being filled for Could be per person or a client company ) 

As required

Job Description, whatever you need to understand the job. Can be short or long as needed ( Refer screenshot below)

  • If you already have a "Job Description" saved then you have the option on  (a) Uploading a saved file (b) Drag and Drop or  (c) Copy and pasting.
  • You also have an option to Auto Populate a Job description. Refer to the below Screenshot (3). This enables you to parse through the JD without having to manually put your requirements. 
  • Job Function, like industries, will be used for future classification. Screenshot (4)
  • The industry will be used for classification in future releases. Pick the one that most closely matches your job.
  •   Add Skills is used to select the key criteria for evaluating your resumes. 

 ScreenShot (5) 

Screenshot (6)

The following fields ( Job, Skills, Education & Certification all have the " Can't what you're looking for" tab. We have a taxonomy of over 95,000 jobs and skills, about 20,000+ education options, and over 5000 certifications. If you don't find something then click on that option ( refer to Screenshot (4) to report to us and we will add it asap.

Minimum Total Work Experience can be required or preferred.  If required (years and months), The Sieve™ will determine from the resume the length of working experience of the individual.
  • Education allows you to stipulate a specific degree and field of study.  You can select more than one if desired.  As with other fields, you have the option of selecting Required or Preferred.
  • Certifications are chosen by the industry and the certification title.  These come from a list that is part of The Sieve™.  The certifications can be individually Required or Preferred.  For industry, select All Industries, then search for the desired certificate.
  • Languages are intended to evaluate the speaking capability as listed in the resume.  If no languages are listed, it’s not possible to evaluate this criterion.
  • The location allows you to select resumes that have an address near your desired location.  This is based on a city and its proximity in miles/kilometers to that location.  If the job can be virtual (or has no fixed base), the default is Not Required/Remote Work.
  • Visa/Immigration Status works much like language.  If there is something specific on the resume indicating visa status, that can be used for evaluation and ranking.  Note, this visa status is not a common characteristic of most resumes.

Once all desired criteria have been selected, click Next at the bottom of the page. You will now be able to weigh each required criterion.  The weighting will be used in the scoring of the resume during the Sieving process.

The system defaults to equal weighing.  If you would like to adjust this, giving different criteria more weight, click Adjust the Importance of the Required Criteria.  This will allow you to change the weighting of each required criteria.  Note, the total must equal 100 or you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

After adjusting (or not) the weights of each criterion, click Next at the bottom of the page.  You will be presented with a listing of all the criteria on the Job.  If you are satisfied, click Save & Done.  You can also Cancel (this discards all of your work) or Back (if there is something you would like to change).  You can also click on the numbers to the left to navigate back to the section you would like to review change.

As you progress through the creation process, you can elect to Save & Close.  This saves your work as-is and puts the Job in the listing on My Jobs, indicating that the Job is Incomplete.  If you go through the entire process and select Save & Done, you will be taken to My Jobs.  The job you were working on will be shown as Active.

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