Selecting Resumes to Sieve

There are two ways to select which resumes to use for Sieving. 

First - On the Resumes page, you can select the group(s) to be Sieved by checking the box that appears to the left of the upload date/time.  If you had multiple uploads on the same day, you can select the entire day with the same box.  Once you have selected the resumes to Sieve, click My Sieve.  Note, you are not able to select individual resumes, only groups you have uploaded.

Second On the My Sieve page, if you have not selected resumes as above, you can select a time range or upload groups from the Resumes dropdown. 

Any of the date ranges pull all resumes that were uploaded in that timeframe. 

All Time will Sieve all the resumes you have uploaded.  This could take some time (several seconds or more) if there is a large number of resumes in the account.

Custom allows you to pick a specific date range (yesterday, the last week, a month ago) that you need to fulfill your evaluation criteria.