Modified on: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 6:35 PM

Where did the name “The Sieve™“ come from?

Our name comes from the idea of leveraging a tool to separate quality resumes, quickly, from the multitude of resumes that talent acquisition and hiring managers receive for any given job posting. Sieving is just the beginning. Our platform aims to redesign and streamline global talent acquisition and take the guesswork out of the process by empowering recruiters and hiring managers with speed, accuracy, consistency, and collaboration. We envision an endless number of possibilities for what we do next. 

What is The Sieve™?

The Sieve™ is a cloud-based platform designed to help the recruiting and hiring community take the guesswork out of evaluating and ranking resumes against the required and preferred skills for the job. Our platform allows you to define the requirements most important to fill the needs of the job and assesses and ranks resumes - objectively and relatively.

How is The Sieve™ different from other search/evaluation tools?

Supplement your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or manual tools with The Sieve™. Our platform allows the top-ranked resumes to rise to the top of your stack. The Sieve™ is meant to be accretive to your ATS by Sieving the thousands of resumes you receive for a job against multi-dimensional criteria – not just Boolean searches. Our proprietary algorithm will score and rank resumes for further screening.  

Why should I use The Sieve™?

The Sieve™ automates the extraction of information contained within a candidate’s resume and logically organizes the candidate’s qualifications, education, and experience, so that you can Sieve through resumes to obtain a quality shortlist, quickly. This leads to very large savings in time a recruiter or hiring manager usually spends reviewing resumes, then arranging and documenting the review results in a format that facilitates the selection of best-fit resumes. The Sieve™ increases productivity and quality outcomes dramatically.

The Sieve™ provides precision screening of candidate resumes against the talent profile required and preferred for the job. The results are clear – your screening process will be highly data-driven and objective, which can ensure that you don’t miss out on a perfect-fit resume simply because it was sitting at the bottom of your stack of applicants.