Adding Resumes 

Select Resumes in the left navigation As shown in the screenshot below.

Next Click on the Import resumes 

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Add a title for your upload. Top Tip: If you do not add a title, the resume(s) will be labeled with the date/time of the upload  

Select the resumes you wish to add to The Sieve™.  You can select one or many using the multi-select capabilities of your operating system.  

Note, The Sieve™ can accept up to 100 resumes per upload, not larger than 500KB each.  More or larger will be rejected during the upload process.

After selection, click Open and the resumes will begin to upload. 


  • Once all resumes are into The Sieve™ the window will change from gray to white to indicate that the upload process is complete.  
  • You can click the Refresh button to display which resumes are complete where there is a large number in your upload.
  • You can close this window with the X in the upper right corner.

NOTE: If there are resumes that cannot be loaded (see examples below), a pop-up box will appear indicated some resumes could not be loaded.  If you click on Details you will be shown a list of resumes and a general reason why the resume could not be loaded.  Note, when you close this window, you cannot recover the list of resumes not loaded.  Also, the resumes will be deleted from your resume list.

Possible resume load errors:

  •  Improper format (a document type that cannot be read – i.e. .ppt)
  •  Not a resume (the document is not recognized as a resume)
  •  Not a document (the resume is a picture/object, not something that can be parsed)
  •  Too many documents (the current limit is 100 resumes)
  • Too large – greater than 500KB (this will be blocked on initial load)
  • If you have a resume that does not load, attempt to determine if this is the result of one of the errors above.  
  • If you can change the format or convert from an object to a document to parse, you can then reload the resume.  
  • If you’re not able to determine why your resume is not loading, reach out to support or submit a help ticket here ( Click here)
  • Once past the point of upload error reporting (if applicable), your resumes are now being parsed in the background.  
  • Based on the number of resumes in your upload, the time may be very short (a second or two) or long (as much as a minute).  
  • You can tell that your resumes are fully parsed when the Candidate Name and other information (if present on the resume) is populated in the fields to the right of the upload date/time/source.  
  • You can click the Refresh button to display which resumes are complete where there is a large number in your upload.